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Welcome to :

Diamond F.J.A. INC was started back in July of 1995 to Present day.

We developed a marine product cleaner with Carnauba wax for our own personal needs some 3 years prior. As people asked what it was we were using on our own personal watercraft, we told them it was our own personal brew. The boaters insisted that they wanted to buy it from us and that we should clearly manufacture this product for the market.

In July of 1995 we began production, marketing and advertising our products to the US. Since then we have grown Nationally via the Inet. Within a Few years, several West Coast Boat Manufacturers using or selling our product and many cleaned their vessels with Nautical Reflections for static boat shows. At one point Poker Runs America stated ” We have tried and tested many products for 30 years and Nautical Reflections is the best” from there it was sold on their web site for 3 years until they started their TV Shows. Because of our product “Self Cleaning” capabilities, it soon became many boaters favorite too. Since then, our customers have found many different uses for Nautical reflections around the home. One man said that it was the best grout cleaner he had ever used, another said that it was the best product to use in the commode in his Motor home. Diamonds, Sunglasses, counter tops, cultured marble sinks, Chrome faucets, Stainless Steel, plastics etc. have found their way into Nautical Reflections.

We started our Automotive Cleaner and Wax at the same time knowing that it had a much bigger market in the field, Race Day Ltd had become many Drag racers favorite product. Airplane owners also found that it reduced drag and seemed to create more lift. Helicopter owners found that the Lexan windshield became much more clearer to see thru. Motor home owners found that their vehicle would stay cleaner and have more luster even in Sun, Rain and Dust Storms. Two individuals drove from Las Vegas to Lake Havasu City back to back in a heavy thunder storm, the vehicle that was treated with Race Day Ltd looked like it had gone thru a car wash while the other brand new vehicle was full of mud and dirt?

In the year 1999 we became affiliated with a Bass Fishing Industry that was impressed with Nautical Reflections and relabeled it to their company name. People like Jimmy Houston endorsed the product and had it on his TV shows. Jimmy is considered the JC of the Bass Fishing Industry by many.

In the year 2000 we decided to make our Golf, Limousine, RV, Hotel/Resort products to add specific names to the Industry for easy recognition. Our Golf product was used and tested at the TPC in Scottsdale AZ. Jim Cessna was the lead person there at the time who tested the product in front of us on just about everything a Golfer would use including the cart. Jim was impressed by what the product could do for the Golf gear.

We constantly seek Industry related people and or investors to become part of or ownership of a particular product who are Masters of that field . We can re-label our fine products to any Company Name or Industry related field upon contract. If you would like to have your Company name on some of the finest products made in the US then you can contact us at Email:  info@Diamond-FJA-INC.com

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    1. About Us says:

      Welcome to Diamond F.J.A. Inc.

      We are Celebrating our 15 years of service and manufacturing our fine products with the highest recognition. We have designed, formulated and tested our products for several years before launching them to the public for purchase. We let people just like yourself try our products in different environments and fields with pleasing results on all circumstances.

      We utilize several different locations for storage and manufacturing and purchase ingredients and supplies from different sources around the United States. We attended many different events to promote and inform the general public awareness. We have watched several new companies emerge who have claimed that their products were as good or better than ours who have closed their doors in less than 3 years. We have tested well established Chemical cleaning company products against ours, and some of these products produced no results whatsoever.

      We can only claim what we know, have seen and been told by our clients and customers. We gain new accounts every year without any sales calls, in other words, our products sells by word of mouth and they love to talk us up from state to state.

      We utilize the internet to promote an sell our products and educate the general public of its awareness. Different advertising campaigns also help promote us. All of our products are listed in Google and Yahoo. Search engine keywords maintain our existence on the net and keyword domain names also play a good part.

      A good example of how quickly people adapt to the likeness of our products was back in April of 2007 we attended the in Water Boat Show at Lake Pleasant AZ where several companies tried our Marine product who now sell it. At the same time we introduced our Automotive product in which we were invited to the Westside Motorcycle Expo at the new University of Phoenix Stadium to the promoters booth to sell our products. At the same time they invited us to the Harley River Run in Laughlin Nevada, again at their booth for a 3 day event. we have been invited to Las Vegas Automotive events and California Car shows and many other states and SEMA Show, to Sarasota Florida to the Sun Coast Offshore to sell. The list goes on and on, but whatever the outcome we have thousands of clients that love our products.

      What we like to think is that we hope our products will make your life easier and clean up more enjoyable and longer lasting. We hope that one day you will become a believer too.

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