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Business For Sale Diamond F.J.A. Inc. AZ 20+ yrs

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6635 W. Happy Valley RD A104

Glendale AZ 85310

Phone 623 572-8151



DIAMOND F.J.A. INC $325,000.00

Diamond F.j.a. Inc.  http://youtu.be/OTJM0FxonBE

Location: United States -> Arizona -> Glendale
Industry: Manufacturing > Chemical Manufacturing 

 www.diamond-fja-inc.com http://diamond-fja-inc.com/blog/ 

Business Summary

This is being Sold just for the price of the Domain names, web sites and blogs, it would cost much more than 900K to have a marketing company build all this, that is a fact.  We are a SUB Chapter S which combines personal financials, along with the Corporation, that is why we have reduced the price this low. In essence you do not get Financials, and we will verify that this corporation is completely lean free and has no outstanding collections.

We are giving the Buyer all the rest at no cost, 6 head Semi Automatic filler machine, pumps, supplies, box’s, 32oz and 24oz bottles (3000+) caps, Trigger sprayers, Gallon Sprayers, caps, Trigger sprayers, 15 Gallon Drums, 5 Gallon Jugs and spickets, 55 Gallon Drums, 4oz sample bottles and sprayers, 2oz sample bottles and sprayers, all contacts, Data base, suppliers, Advertising material, Videos, and hundreds of photos to utilize as needed.

 BULLETIN: This is NOT a Franchise that you will never own, this you will own- you are the Boss not taking orders from some corporate Bozo’s that tell you what you can and can’t do with your investment. Recently contacted 06-11-2012 we have two Distributors interested in selling our products

We have made several corporate contacts and some international in which some wish to distribute the Golf or the Marine products

HISTORY: We were requested by QVC individuals to have our products on in person for 3 consecutive years (they used our boat product), then for three more years by email.  

A Rep for Eagle One requested us to meet and merge with them

A Texas Rep for O’Reilly’s wanted the Automotive product in there stores

Several other TV Shows similar to QVC requested our products be on there show via emails

We turned down Walmart because they have a bad reputation with manufacturers

We had a Las Vegas entrepeneur constantly ask us to sell the corporation to them

All of this happened too fast and too soon

Overhead is minimal very little work space needed , only warehousing for storage of cases. (800-1000 sq ft is sufficient)

This corporation is Debt Free, Liability free and lease free and has been approved for up to $500K credit. Buyer needs not worry there are no liens and we can substantiate this fact.

MARINE INDUSTRY with Video http://youtu.be/xolOIYDoEGo



AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY with Video http://youtu.be/vv9lyOHChHM




GOLF INDUSTRY with Video http://youtu.be/Xuvo4nHAUbU




Year Established:  07-1995
Number of Employees:  4 – 5
Relocatable:  Yes
Franchise:  No
Current Real Estate:  Leased Warehouse space in AZ

About The Sale

Management Training and Support:  Yes.

We will Market this business FREE of charge after purchase for 30 Days. This includes posting to Search Engines, Blogs, Classifieds, FFA Network / Link, Directories. All twelve Domain names are included in the marketing.

 Reason For Selling:  We own two businesses, we need liquid cash for Real Estate investments, other biz computer operated.

GOOGLE BLOGS go with Business sale





















We will do Bank to Bank Transfer with both seller and buyer present at their bank with Bank Officers present assisting the transfer. After funds are received we will issue you a Notarized Bill of Sale stating that you are the new owner. info@Diamond-fja-inc.com   Frank D. 623 572-8151

Sale is Final, no refunds or returns. Ask all the questions and get the answers

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Welcome to Diamond F.J.A. Inc. Blog

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Welcome to :

Diamond F.J.A. INC was started back in July of 1995 to Present day.

We developed a marine product cleaner with Carnauba wax for our own personal needs some 3 years prior. As people asked what it was we were using on our own personal watercraft, we told them it was our own personal brew. The boaters insisted that they wanted to buy it from us and that we should clearly manufacture this product for the market.

In July of 1995 we began production, marketing and advertising our products to the US. Since then we have grown Nationally via the Inet. Within a Few years, several West Coast Boat Manufacturers using or selling our product and many cleaned their vessels with Nautical Reflections for static boat shows. At one point Poker Runs America stated ” We have tried and tested many products for 30 years and Nautical Reflections is the best” from there it was sold on their web site for 3 years until they started their TV Shows. Because of our product “Self Cleaning” capabilities, it soon became many boaters favorite too. Since then, our customers have found many different uses for Nautical reflections around the home. One man said that it was the best grout cleaner he had ever used, another said that it was the best product to use in the commode in his Motor home. Diamonds, Sunglasses, counter tops, cultured marble sinks, Chrome faucets, Stainless Steel, plastics etc. have found their way into Nautical Reflections.

We started our Automotive Cleaner and Wax at the same time knowing that it had a much bigger market in the field, Race Day Ltd had become many Drag racers favorite product. Airplane owners also found that it reduced drag and seemed to create more lift. Helicopter owners found that the Lexan windshield became much more clearer to see thru. Motor home owners found that their vehicle would stay cleaner and have more luster even in Sun, Rain and Dust Storms. Two individuals drove from Las Vegas to Lake Havasu City back to back in a heavy thunder storm, the vehicle that was treated with Race Day Ltd looked like it had gone thru a car wash while the other brand new vehicle was full of mud and dirt?

In the year 1999 we became affiliated with a Bass Fishing Industry that was impressed with Nautical Reflections and relabeled it to their company name. People like Jimmy Houston endorsed the product and had it on his TV shows. Jimmy is considered the JC of the Bass Fishing Industry by many.

In the year 2000 we decided to make our Golf, Limousine, RV, Hotel/Resort products to add specific names to the Industry for easy recognition. Our Golf product was used and tested at the TPC in Scottsdale AZ. Jim Cessna was the lead person there at the time who tested the product in front of us on just about everything a Golfer would use including the cart. Jim was impressed by what the product could do for the Golf gear.

We constantly seek Industry related people and or investors to become part of or ownership of a particular product who are Masters of that field . We can re-label our fine products to any Company Name or Industry related field upon contract. If you would like to have your Company name on some of the finest products made in the US then you can contact us at Email:  info@Diamond-FJA-INC.com

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